Ways to choose fresh chicken eggs with tips on egg storage

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Eggs are considered a staple food because they have many health benefits. And it can also be easily used to cook a variety of dishes. In addition, chicken eggs are delicious. But you should only buy eggs that are new and fresh. Because it will help you receive complete and beneficial nutrients.

ways to choose fresh chicken eggs. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Look at the egg shell.

Notice the eggshell. Fresh eggs will have a powder similar to putty on them. Old eggs will have slippery shells. The egg shell’s exterior is soft-colored because old eggs that are close to rotting have gray, white, and black spots on the shell. The more you try to observe carefully You can see that it has a dark color. I’m here too.

Select egg size

Buy eggs that are round in shape. Because the meat will have more weight than the long egg.

Chicken eggs soaked in water

Soak eggs in water – fresh eggs will sink and old eggs will float below the surface of the water. If it is a rotten egg, it will float above the water.

Shake to see freshness.

Gently shaking eggs See if there is any shaking inside. Because if the eggs are fresh, the flesh will be tight and cling to the shell. It has an unshakable weight.

Crack eggs

New eggs when the eggs are cracked The yolk will be round and convex. And there is a membrane of egg white attached to the yolk. But in old eggs, the yolk is round but flat. The egg whites will be liquid and not clump together.

These are all methods for choosing and buying chicken eggs to use in cooking. Because cooking with new eggs and eggs that are still fresh are not contaminated by dirt or various germs. It will help you get complete nutrition. Helps to have a completely solid body.

Tips for storing chicken eggs

  • Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator. Prevents water evaporation But it should not be soaked in too cold.
  • Eggs should not be washed before storing. This will destroy the coating that keeps the eggs fresh.
  • Should be soaked by placing the pointy side into the egg compartment. This will make the eggs last longer.