Manchester United, clearly standing, the cost of Frenkie

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Manchester United club, position itself as a millionaire, use prudent money to remove the image of a magnate like the past Like the case of midfielder Frenkie de Jong of Barcelona. ​​If the real deal is sold, the rate must not be higher than 70 million pounds.

Frenkie Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ continue progress that the ‘ Red Devils ‘ want a versatile midfielder number #6. Number #8 from ‘ Barca ‘ for Mariunion, team manager Erik ten Hag again. After They use to make names together at Ajax.   

With the current situation ‘ Azul Grana ‘ has an advantage on the negotiating table because the contract is binding until June 2026 , trainer Xavi Hernandez has previously said that the player is important. But does not rule out selling opportunities to support him. Ufabet team financial status.

With a pre – existing opening price of £ 84.8 million ( about 100 million euros ) to make a marginal profit than the one bought from Ajax in the summer of 2019. The rating was 65 million pounds.  

However , United ‘s director of football, John Murtough , wants the team to make reasonable purchases due to multiple positions. Therefore inform the Barcelona and representatives of the 25 -year -old player. That it is difficult to buy as expensive as before  

Therefore, if you want to do business with children, you must cooperate with all parties. Including ‘ Barca ‘ , to reduce the price of opening for the – secondary. Including agents, players, lobbying, pressure on the agency in another way.