Glasner hopes to lead Frankfurt to follow in Villarreal’s footsteps

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Oliver Glasner hopes to lead Frankfurt Overthrowing favorite team Barcelona on the Europa League stage Using the work of Villarreal. Who knock Bayern Munich out of the Champions League as a model

Oliver Glasner, Austrian trainer Frankfurt Expect to follow in the footsteps of Unai Emery’s Villarreal. Who turned one of the favorites Bayern Munich through to the Champions League semi-finals. Before the Red Eagles – Red Army will visit ‘Camp Nou’ duel Barcelona. On the Europa League stage, 8th round, second match on Thursday. According to reports from ‘AS’ the Bull’s media ufabet.

Frankfurt drew a 1-1 draw with Barcelona in the opening game. With Glasner keen to do his best to break the bar, referring to B’s performance. Yarreal, who overthrew the Southern Tigers on the Champions League stage 

the Southern Tigers on the Champions League stage 

‘We watched 90 minutes from the first game. We do a lot of things well. But we lack concentration in playing the defensive game. It is very important to play effectively. Our example is Villarreal, they won two games with great performance. We have to improve to win.’

Around 25,000 Frankfurt fans are estimated to have travel to Barcelona to support the club. And Glasner said it would help motivate the players. 

‘Yes, it’s the only topic in town. They want us to be extremely lucky and fulfill us. We know that a lot of people come to Barcelona to support us. It helps us a lot They will come to Camp Nou.’

When aske if he would change anything from the first game, Glasner reply. ‘We didn’t dominate the whole game. But we can control some parts. We know they will try to attack us in different areas. Our goal is ambition. I wasn’t expecting a race. That is very different from the first game.’

‘Obviously we’re not going to defensively. Because it’s impossible to defend like that for 90 minutes. We have to make them defensive and make them uncomfortable,’ said the Red-Black Eagles coach.