Dutch football guru has determined that Van de Beek is too thin to kick the Premier League

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Elko Bourne, a Dutch football correspondent, analyzes the nature of English Premier League football, which places special emphasis on physical potential. So it’s difficult for Donny van de Beek to survive at Manchester United.

The Dutch midfielder, who has been carrying rugs, pillows and dreams stuffed into cardboard boxes, hopes that when he moved from Ajax Amsterdam to Old Trafford last season for a fee of £ 35 million, he will Able to squeeze the real thing regularly   

 But just the world is beautiful, the attitude is good, it’s not enough because English football focuses on toughness. The trader must make an effort to adapt and develop the body, according to the instructions of the former manager . Team Ole Gunnar Seoul tea.

Team Ole Gunnar Seoul tea

Until the 2021-22 season, the situation of the 24- year-old has not improved. Even in the past , Ole was unemployed, the Dutch footballer was sent down to release, but because of the lack of consistency, the name was dropped again. Then disappeared from the directory when acting manager . Team Rangnik took the position.  

For this reason, Gurudang sees that just the quality of the pace at ‘ VDB ‘ may not be enough to make a living in the English Premier League, but must be combined with strength and muscle mass.

” Most people in the Netherlands were surprised to see that Van der Beck does not have much chance to play at Manchester United, ” the opinion by ‘ Sky Sports ‘.

“ The demands this league wants to demand from its players. different from the needs of the Eredivisie. ” 

“ Van de Beek has done really well with Ajax in the Champions League and stood out in the Champions League 2019 but that is a rather unique team , playing football in a unique way. ” 

” That way of football doesn’t fit with Manchester United playing or most teams in the English Premier League . “

“ Good footballers rely on their physical potential rather than Ajax football style . ” 

“ That guy started with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and now Ralph Rangnick, the training style is unfamiliar. In the long term, the whole thing doesn’t make sense for Van de Beek at Manchester United. ”  

‘ Video B ‘ will have to prove themselves game FA Cup encounter with Aston Villa (10 m . C .) , Then I think I moved out.